WP Commission Machine Review

Brief Excerpt

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Introducing WP Commission Machine!

Today’s review is for a WordPress plugin called WP Commission Machine.

The sales page states that this is a 3-in-1 plugin that will help you build eCom affiliate stores in just 51 seconds as well as helping you get 100% commissions on complete autopilot from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress.

Well, what exactly does that mean? It is a plugin that will help you set up some nice little niche stores so you can sell physical products as an affiliate. This plugin works with Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress so you can make affiliate sales from those eCom sites.

Once you set up the plugin with your affiliate information from any or all of the above services you can begin to search (using keywords) for products that will automatically get added to your store. This is a pretty easy process and you can quickly have hundreds of products listed and ready to go.

WP Commission Machine automatically creates a page on your WordPress site for each product that you add and includes details such as product descriptions, reviews, etc.

If you want to quickly set up a website for selling physical products and don’t want the hassle of dropshipping or physically shipping out the items yourself, dealing with returns, etc. then this is a quick and easy way to get started.  With WP Commission Machine you can very easily set up multiple stores and offer hundreds of products for sale in a short amount of time. It is a nice feature that it works will all three vendors as most software like this is tied down to only working with one.

Some bad things about this are that there is a lot of competition in many of the popular niches and you would really need to do your homework and figure out a nice targeted niche that you can drive a lot of traffic to and make sales.

Also, as an affiliate, you have to remember that you would only be making about 4% – 10% commissions on each sale so you would need to create many targeted niche stores to potentially earn enough sales and commissions to make a decent amount of money.

But, WP Commission machine is a good investment for those of you who would like to take this route and sell items for vendors such as Amazon, AliExpress and eBay. With some work in creating a targeted niche store and driving targeted traffic, you could have a second income in no time at all.

WP Commission Machine Features:

  • Add Unlimited Products to Any Site You Create
  • Instant Ebay Import
  • Amazon Product Import
  • AliExpress Fast Import
  • Automatic Affiliate Links
  • Quick Setup & Launch
  • Automatic Image Importing
  • Automatically Fetches Reviews, Descriptions & Details
  • Autopilot Import of New Products – Set & Forget Software Does It For You
  • Import Single Product by ID or ASIN


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