What Is LeadsGorilla – Is it Worth it?

LeadsGorilla is a breakthrough technology that finds, lands, & sells your agency services to local business clients for you.


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What is it?

LeadsGorilla is software that finds, lands, & sells your agency services to local business clients for you so that now anyone (with the desire to work) can run a real agency that helps struggling businesses. 

LeadsGorilla finds hundreds of leads from multiple platforms, shows you “quality scores” of each lead with a secret algorithm, generates customized reports that are print-on-demand-ready, and will even help you contact them with built-in email marketing technology. 


LeadsGorilla works in 3 steps:

  1. Step 1. Find & Analyze Leads from FB & Google My Business – Search FB groups, pages, & Google for thousands of local leads & see a detailed analysis of them only LeadGorilla can provide.  This includes a proprietary LeadsScores that tells you how easy it is to land & make money from that lead, plus if they have claimed their GMB or FB listing yet. 
  2. Step 2. Generate Beautiful Print-On-Demand Optimization Lead Magnets – LeadsGorilla identifies lots of key issues with their Facebook or GMB listing & turns it into a custom report/lead magnet automatically for you to send. 
  3. Step 3. Land the Client w/ Email Marketing Technology & DFY Swipes – Have the app reach out to qualified leads & land them w/ built-in email marketing tech. Use our proven DFY swipes in tons of local niches. 

Some Features Of LeadsGorilla Include:

  • Get Clients from FB & Google – Find thousands of leads from FB groups, FB pages, & Google My Business
  • View Advanced-Data About Each Lead – See crucial data about each lead no other lead finder can show
  • LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology – See how easy the lead will be to land & how profitable they will be with our ‘prequalification’ lead score
  • Sort By Claimed/Unclaimed Pages & More – Sort leads instantly using many filter options including if their Google My Business listing is claimed or unclaimed (for you to claim & sell to them)
  • Generate FB & Google Marketing Lead Reports – automatically generate a customized print-on-demand, detailed report that shows how the business can improve their marketing
  • Organize Campaigns & Manage Leads – perfectly organize each lead into campaigns & updated them throughout the onboarding process.
  • Email Marketing Technology w/ Proven Swipes – reach out to qualified leads & land them w/ built-in email marketing tech. Includes proven DFY swipes in tons of local niches 
  • & more…

How LeadsGorilla Differs From Other Lead Finders & Agency Apps:

  • LeadsScore Secret Algorithm Technology – See how easy the lead will be to land & how profitable they will be with our ‘prequalification’ lead score
  • All-in-One Features – First to have lead finding from Google & FB, 4 different types of PDF report generation, and email marketing w/ DFY proven swipes all in the front-end offer (like a DFY lead gen agency)
  • Email Marketing Shortcode Technology – auto-populates emails based on specific client data for hyper customized emails (better results)
  • View More Advanced-Data About Each Lead – See crucial data about each lead no other lead finder can show including how optimized their FB or GMB page is, if they are optimizing for video marketing, & more
  • Sort Leads Instantly by 10 Different Options – including if their GMB page is claimed or unclaimed
  • DFY Proven Templates – these are integrated into the app and available for many different local business agency niches
  • Generate FB & Google Marketing Lead Reports – with more data than before (lead reports are print-on-demand ready now as well)

Sales Video:


Demo Video

Funnel Information


LeadsGorilla Advanced – $37.00

Sales Page

Local lead generation tool. Frontend buyers will get all of the following:

  • Find Facebook Leads
  • Find Google Leads
  • Generate Facebook Reports
  • Generate Google My Business Reports
  • Download Print Ready PDF Facebook Reports
  • Download Print Ready PDF GMB Reports
  • Video Training
  • Manage Leads/Campaigns Module
  • LeadsScore Secret Algorithm
  • Additional “Small Local Reports”: Mobile Friendly, Social Report, Video Report, Facebook Pixel, Adwords Pixel
  • Contact Module
  • Custom Placeholders Email Integration
  • 30+ Email Templates Integrated
  • 24/7 Support 
  • Find Claimed or Unclaimed Leads
  • Contact 3000 Leads / Month
  • Search 50,000 Leads / Month

LeadsGorilla Starter – $27.00

Sales Page:

A lighter version of LeadsGorilla advanced with fewer features available. 


LeadsGorilla Premium Quarterly – $49/quarter

In this premium upgraded version of LeadsGorilla users will get the following…

  • Search Unlimited Leads
  • Generate Unlimited Reports
  • Contact Unlimited Leads
  • Generate SEO Reports Module
  • Download Print Ready SEO PDF Reports
  • Customized Branding for Reports
  • Edit / Customize All PDF Reports 
  • Integrated PRO Email Templates 
  • Local Tools Module
  • SEO Tools Module
  • PRO Video Training
  • Private Facebook Group
  • Additional PRO “Small Reports” Local Schema, Contact Report, Yelp Report, Google Tag, SSL Certificate, Open Graph, WordPress Or Not Report.
  • Unreleased Academy Training (Local Genius Training) (Local & GMB, SEO, WordPress Module)

LeadsGorilla Premium Monthly – $39/monthly

Same features as above, but paid monthly


LeadsGorilla Premium Quarterly-Lite – $29/quarter

A lighter version with fewer features of LeadsGorilla Premium

LeadsGorilla Premium Monthly-Lite $19/monthly


Citation Gorilla – $37.00

A citation analyzer and PDF reporting software. This will help your clients get more citations, improve reputation, and local SEO listings as well as show reports to them. 

Features Include:

  • LeadsGorilla Citations Finder Module
  • Generate Citations PDF Reports
  • Customize/Brand Citations PDF
  • Export CSV with Citations
  • Contact Leads With Citations Reports
  • Free Resources & Tools List
  • Citations Services Outsourcing Cheatsheet
  • Generate Citation Reports for Individual/External URLs 
  • Export Missing Citations List


LeadsGorilla Agency Advanced – $67.00

In the Agency version of LeadsGorilla users will get the following allowing them to get their own local agency set up fast with everything DFY:


  • Manage Clients Module
  • LeadsGorilla WordPress Agency 
  • Standalone One-Click Install LOCAL SEO AGENCY
  • No Technical Skills
  • Easy to install and modify
  • Local Bundle Pack
  • Local Logo Pack

Plus, they will get the LeadsGorilla Selling Suite that includes…

  • DFY FB Ads
  • DFY Swipes
  • DFY Teleswipes
  • DFY Legal Contract
  • DFY Google Banners

LeadsGorilla Agency Starter – $47.00

A lighter version of the agency version with fewer features. 


LeadsGorilla Agency-Lite – $29.00

A lighter version with fewer features of LeadsGorilla Agency


LeadsGorilla Reseller Silver – 100 Licenses – $97.00

Buyers gain the opportunity to sell LeadsGorilla for themselves and pocket 100% of any sale they make. They will get training videos on how to actually sell it, gain the ability to give access out, and we take care of the support. Plus, tons of graphics and video to use, too. 

LeadsGorilla Reseller Platinum- 1000 Licenses – $197.00


Is it going to be worth it for you?

Leads Gorilla is a powerful SAAS that can help you start your own business and earn some cash. If you are looking to start your own agency which helps local business increase their exposure and therefore their revenue then LeadsGorilla is probably going to be of great benefit to you.

If, on the other hand, you are looking for fantasy income at the push of a button then this will work just the same as every other shiny object you have tried. It won’t. For all the “take action” people out there, LeadsGorilla can really get you off the ground and running in a short amount of time.

As with any training, software, or product I mention you must learn it, implement it, and keep at it to see results. It will do nothing for you collecting dust on a hard drive.

Pick up LeadsGorilla here and get started with your new agency today!


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