Many internet marketers, especially those who tried and failed, start searching for the “golden nugget” – the ONE single thing they believe they need to know in order to unlock all the mysteries of making money online…

Yes, they believe it exists. It’s stored right in that great pot of gold at the end of the rainbow….:)

(unless the leprechaun stole it, of course)

Just kidding.

No, it doesn’t exist. Sorry.

However, those who believe that “there is one thing they need to know”, end up searching for it all over the internet. Many of those people end up buying a multitude of internet marketing products and courses, hoping to learn about “the one thing that nobody else is telling them”.

They end up spending money they should have used to build their businesses, and wasting time they could have used to establish themselves online. Many people spend YEARS, and never find what they are looking for. They end up walking away from internet marketing, disillusioned and disappointed.

However, they’re not completely wrong…

There are some things that most “coaches” or “gurus” won’t tell you:

1. In most cases, the person trying to teach you is a rookie, who has no idea what he or she is doing. In some other cases, the techniques they want to teach you are outdated.

2. In many cases, you don’t get all the information you need to succeed – unless you buy all the up-sells.

3. There is a BOATLOAD of mis-information on the internet.

4. If you try to figure things out for yourself, you are going to have one heck of a time trying to sift the real information from the “noise”. Those who do succeed (with out a proper mentor), usually spend a few years doing it.

Do you really want to waste years of your time (not to mention the lost income and the lost lifestyle while you search) trying to figure it out for yourself?

I mean, if you want to master internet marketing because you hate your job…

Do you really want to keep working there for another five years while you mess around trying to figure this out by yourself?

Fact: All the information you need to make money online is already out there.

Fact: It is fragmented into incredibly small bits, spread out over multitudes of websites and blogs.

Fact: The information you need is buried under a pile of junk.

Fact: Unless you know what to look for, your chances of separating facts from junk are rather slim.

The challenge YOU face is not to find the “golden nugget”, but to put enough bits of real, valid information together to be able to create a working online business.

(It’s pretty much like going through a car parts store, and having to put together enough matching parts to build an engine – while being surrounded by parts from many different engines.)

So – how do you get past the “golden nugget” syndrome?

Firstly, you find someone who knows something that works. He or she doesn’t have to be a guru – but in order for you to learn from them, they need to be able to teach you something. Once you have been able to learn enough to make some money online, you will firstly know enough to be able to do some more self study, and secondly you will be more capable of spotting the junk.

Learn from that person – as much as you can. The more you can learn from a mentor, the less time you have to spend sifting through masses of junk information. The mless time you spend learning about business, the more time you will be spending doing business, and making money.

Once you are making money, you can always start looking around for the next thing you want to learn about, and find a suitable mentor to work with. Think of it as “learn while you earn” – start making money as soon as possible, and then just work on improving the numbers.

Secondly, apply what you have learned – consistently. Most internet business, blogs and website projects fail because their owners gave up on them. Think of internet marketing as being similar to farming – regardless of how much you know, if you don’t pay constant attention to your business you won’t have any harvest.

Lastly never stop learning. The internet is changing at a scary tempo. Besides the fact that what you learn today might not be working any more in a year or two from now, there is also the risk of falling behind in your income if you keep using outdated methods, and start lagging behind the competition.

So – in short:

Stop digging.

Learn. Make money. Learn more. Make more money. Keep repeating for as long as you are making money online. There will always be new things to learn – regardless of whether it is from someone else, of from your own research. And the more you learn, the more money you can make (if you apply your knowledge) – the trick is just to spend as little time as possible learning and as much as possible making money.

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