It’s there, I promise. There’s no way it could not be included in every email I send out. But, it seems to often go either unnoticed, or perhaps it is mysterious and frightening to many readers.




Of course I am talking about the unsubscribe link that is included in all the emails and other correspondence I send out to all the wonderful people on my list.

I often notice that many marketers put a little note asking their subscribers not to leave the list. I always smile when I read their little blurb saying how they will miss the subscriber. I think it is nice to ask people to remain on the list, to value the subscriber. I don’t have that included on any of my emails because I think, if they are not happy with the content of my emails, then I don’t want them to stay. Of course, I rather they email me and tell me that I am not providing them any decent content and what they would like to see. But, rarely do they do that.

I get questions about products that I am offering/promoting. I get questions about payment methods, I get very nice emails from some of my favorite subscribers saying they can’t get the product quite yet because of various reasons. Often I get nice letters saying that A particular email was of value to someone. Those, of course, are my favorite emails to get. I have tried to provide people on my list with a lot of value and training in IM and it is nice when I find that people are learning and that I am helping.

Then, of course, there are the emails complaining about being on my list. I get the threats, the yelling, the angry words asking to be removed. At first I would get upset and be confused. Why did they sign up for my list and then complain about being on it? Why do they have to be so hostile? Of course now, years later, I know that I am not the only one who gets such mean emails from people. Some marketers will email them back with nasty or sarcastic notes. I don’t. If someone doesn’t want to hear from me, then that is fine. I don’t want to hear from them, so I just quietly remove them from my list. There are plenty of others who either want to be on my list, or at least don’t mind.

But, I promise, included in every one of my emails will be a link to unsubscribe. It is there. It is not hidden. There is always one at the bottom, at the end of the email. But, since you subscribed to my list – probably by purchasing one of my products, or opting in to some information I am giving away – you must have some interest in the information and/or products I provide. So why not just email me and let me know what you are looking for. That way I know what you want – I know what you are looking for and hopefully I can provide it for you, or at least point you in the right direction.

I have found internet marketers to be very generous and helpful. If you’re interested in starting your own on-line business, perhaps as an internet marketer, no reason to push us away. Just ask and maybe we can open (or at least unlock) the door to success for you

You can always unsubscribe from our list later…

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