Do You Have a Plan B?

In many things in life – and business – we are taught to “have a backup plan”. Even marriage comes with a prenuptial agreement in case it fails, right? But while it might make sense to have a backup plan in place, it could very well be the one thing that keeps you from achieving […]

4 Ways to Apply Leverage in Internet Marketing

Let’s face it… The internet is a busy place. And with more and more people entering the internet marketing arena, more and more people are trying to compete for the attention of the same audience. That means it is becoming harder and harder to establish yourself online and earn an income. Fortunately, all is not […]

3 Serious Misconceptions about Making Money Online

  Let’s face it… There is just so much misinformation and rubbish out there, that it is easy to develop misconceptions about making money online. After all, every second idiot is trying to tell people all kinds of nonsense just to get them to buy their products – or rather their affiliate products. Actually, it’s […]

10 Reasons why Webinars are the Perfect Sales Tool

  Many internet marketers shy away from using webinars as a sales tool – yet they have proven time and time again to be highly effective not only in attracting subscribers but also in converting them to customers or clients.   Check Out This FREE Webinar Training Here are 10 reasons why you should seriously […]

Internet Marketing 101 Part 1: The Brutal Truth

  There is no denying that internet marketing is a very lucrative business model. There are many, many millionaires that have found their fortunes online. But there are also a much higher number of people who fail miserably… But WHY? The main reason why people fail at internet marketing is because they fail to treat […]

There is no Such Thing as Free Traffic

There are many people who advocate using “free” traffic sources instead of paying for visitors to your website or blog – but the reality is that there is no such thing as “free traffic”. Allow me to explain… 1. When internet marketers talk about free traffic methods, they usually talk about things like blogging, SEO, […]

Common mistakes by internet marketers

  There are a number of common mistakes among internet marketers – newbies and more “experienced” marketers alike – that can easily lay your best efforts to waste. It’s a shame, really, because there are many people out there have good ideas and have lots of potential – but they bury themselves doing stupid things […]

Should You Have a Blog?

Yes, blogs are hard work. They can be boring, time consuming, and it takes a lot of work before you get them off the ground… But once you do get them going, the rewards are simply awesome. So – why should you blog? Firstly, your blog is a “base of operations”, if we can call […]

What do You Need in Order to Make Money Online?

I have seen it so many times on forums… People ask: “How do I make money online?” The answer to that is both complex and simple – so let’s keep it simple for now. When you think about it logically, an internet business has much in common with any conventional business (it just lacks a […]