The Magic Sauce of Affiliate Marketing

While most teachers of internet marketing will teach you to create your own products, because “that’s where the real money lies”, they neglect to tell you one single thing, which can have a huge impact on the way you choose to do business – possibly forever. In fact, this one single thing, if used correctly, […]

Internet Marketing 101 Part 2 – You Can Appear as an Authority

  Many people starting out online have trouble presenting themselves as authorities. After all, how do you make people believe you are an expert when you aren’t? Ironically, that is one of the easier hurdles to overcome – because it is all relative, and it’s all a matter of perception. Note: This doesn’t mean that […]

Create a Blog Part 1 – Understanding all the Jargon

Starting your own blog can be intimidating – especially if you don’t know what everything means. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to see blogs evolve over the years, have had it a bit easier than newcomers. On the other hand, newcomers to the blogging scene have a lot more tools to work […]

Who is Your Target Customer – Really?

Target Customer

  Many people make the mistake of not defining their target customer when they start marketing online (ok, and offline businesses do it, too). if you haven’t defined your ideal customer yet, you may want to remember this phrase (it stems from success training): “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”. […]

Which Autoresponder Should You be Using?


  For those new to list building, choosing a follow-up autoresponder service can be tricky. In most cases, they either follow recommendations from a friend or mentor, or they just sign up for something odd because it’s cheap. However, once you understand how they differ, making the choice becomes so much easier… Firstly, let’s rule […]

Should You Have a Blog?

Yes, blogs are hard work. They can be boring, time consuming, and it takes a lot of work before you get them off the ground… But once you do get them going, the rewards are simply awesome. So – why should you blog? Firstly, your blog is a “base of operations”, if we can call […]

A blog?

You know, I want to apologize now and for anytime in the future when I just don’t make too many posts to this blog. I always avoided blogs in the past. I understood the reason many people online use them, but never wanted to start one of my own. I just continued to move on […]