Digi Store Builder Review – Your Own Online Store in Minutes

Looking for a relatively quick and easy way to open up your own online store? Want to sell digital products about as easily and “hands-off” as possible? Then let’s take a look at Digi Store Builder and see if it will work for you… Building a website is not really the easiest thing to do. […]

Do You Have a Plan B?

In many things in life – and business – we are taught to “have a backup plan”. Even marriage comes with a prenuptial agreement in case it fails, right? But while it might make sense to have a backup plan in place, it could very well be the one thing that keeps you from achieving […]

3 Serious Misconceptions about Making Money Online

  Let’s face it… There is just so much misinformation and rubbish out there, that it is easy to develop misconceptions about making money online. After all, every second idiot is trying to tell people all kinds of nonsense just to get them to buy their products – or rather their affiliate products. Actually, it’s […]

Copywriting – the Most Valuable Skill You can Master

  Copywriting has often been classified as “the highest paying job on the internet.” The statement rings true in more ways than one, and once you understand the skill’s value, you will see why. The world’s top copywriters make more than a million dollars per year… But let’s consider why: Copywriting is the art and/or […]

Don’t try to learn and/or do everything at once

  Many people who get into internet marketing are so excited about their new ventures that they over-indulge – usually with disastrous consequences. What usually happens is one of the following: 1. They try to do everything at once: It’s sooo easy to fall into this trap… Everything looks great, and everything seems like fun, […]

Common mistakes by internet marketers

  There are a number of common mistakes among internet marketers – newbies and more “experienced” marketers alike – that can easily lay your best efforts to waste. It’s a shame, really, because there are many people out there have good ideas and have lots of potential – but they bury themselves doing stupid things […]