3 Serious Misconceptions about Making Money Online

  Let’s face it… There is just so much misinformation and rubbish out there, that it is easy to develop misconceptions about making money online. After all, every second idiot is trying to tell people all kinds of nonsense just to get them to buy their products – or rather their affiliate products. Actually, it’s […]

Online Business Models Part 3 – Selling Digital Goods

  Selling digital goods as an online business model is by far the most popular and sensible way to make money online. In fact, much of the affiliate marketing done today is simply promoting digital goods. The concept covers a wide range – from single product downloads to membership content – but for the sake […]

Take Stock of Your Internet Marketing Assets

When starting a new internet marketing project, it often feels as if you are starting with nothing. However, if you take a little time to take stock of your internet marketing assets, you may be pleasantly surprised to see what you have, and what you can get access to – without paying for anything Here […]

Internet Business Models part 1 – Selling Advertising Space

Selling advertising space on your blog or website can be quite lucrative – depending of course, on the niche, your traffic numbers, and whether your site is connected to any specific location. Here are a few available options: 1. Google Adsense Google Adsense allows you to place “pay per click” ads on your website or […]

The Magic Sauce of Affiliate Marketing

While most teachers of internet marketing will teach you to create your own products, because “that’s where the real money lies”, they neglect to tell you one single thing, which can have a huge impact on the way you choose to do business – possibly forever. In fact, this one single thing, if used correctly, […]

How to Pick Affiliate Offers Part 2: Read the Fine Print

In order to pick the right affiliate offers for your list, there are a number of things you need to keep in mind. You will be looking at the product, the sales page, the commission payout… But don’t forget to read the fine print. It could make much more of a difference than you can […]

Who is Your Target Customer – Really?

Target Customer

  Many people make the mistake of not defining their target customer when they start marketing online (ok, and offline businesses do it, too). if you haven’t defined your ideal customer yet, you may want to remember this phrase (it stems from success training): “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”. […]

Which Autoresponder Should You be Using?


  For those new to list building, choosing a follow-up autoresponder service can be tricky. In most cases, they either follow recommendations from a friend or mentor, or they just sign up for something odd because it’s cheap. However, once you understand how they differ, making the choice becomes so much easier… Firstly, let’s rule […]

The Value of Understanding Basic Human Nature

Any marketing specialist – online or offline – will tell you that marketing is all about human nature. In fact, it’s mostly about our “primitive” nature, as prescribed by what psychologists refer to as “the lizard brain”, and then about the “limbic brain”. The basic premise is this: The “lizard brain” is apparently the oldest […]