The Value of Understanding Basic Human Nature

Any marketing specialist – online or offline – will tell you that marketing is all about human nature. In fact, it’s mostly about our “primitive” nature, as prescribed by what psychologists refer to as “the lizard brain”, and then about the “limbic brain”. The basic premise is this: The “lizard brain” is apparently the oldest […]

What do You Need in Order to Make Money Online?

I have seen it so many times on forums… People ask: “How do I make money online?” The answer to that is both complex and simple – so let’s keep it simple for now. When you think about it logically, an internet business has much in common with any conventional business (it just lacks a […]

Making money online – PLR makes it easy, right?

Seems like a simple concept. Have a product, service and either sell it or promote it for someone else. In the former you hopefully make a profit, in the latter you will hopefully make a commission. Simple, right? After all, the product and or service that you are offering is wonderful and most everyone could […]