How to overcome market saturation

Let’s face it… The internet is becoming more and more crowded. More and more people and businesses are competing for the ten top spots in Google, and competing for attention on social networks. It seems there just isn’t enough space for everyone to exist. Not to mention the fact that social spaces are becoming more […]

The Magic of Mini Habits in Online Marketing

The concept of mini habits is simple: For every task, you need to do daily to reach your goals, set a minimum so low that you cannot possibly fail to do it. In online marketing, especially for part-time internet marketers, it is of incredible value. The original book was written by Stephen Guise. The idea […]

Making Money Online: Persistence and the Tipping Point

Making Money Online: Persistence and the Tipping Point When it comes to making money online, everybody wants to see their efforts gaining traction. Everybody wants to see some growth as they continue to plug away… But if they don’t, most people give up. Persistence can be inconvenient. Some feel it isn’t worth it, while others […]

Copywriting – the Most Valuable Skill You can Master

  Copywriting has often been classified as “the highest paying job on the internet.” The statement rings true in more ways than one, and once you understand the skill’s value, you will see why. The world’s top copywriters make more than a million dollars per year… But let’s consider why: Copywriting is the art and/or […]

Online Business Models Part 3 – Selling Digital Goods

  Selling digital goods as an online business model is by far the most popular and sensible way to make money online. In fact, much of the affiliate marketing done today is simply promoting digital goods. The concept covers a wide range – from single product downloads to membership content – but for the sake […]

Do you Really Need Training for Internet Marketing?

Well, do you need training or mentorship for internet marketing? In theory, the answer is no. The reality, however, isn’t quite as simple as that… 1. If you decide you want to teach yourself about marketing online, this is what you should expect: a. Incomplete information – the real professional internet marketers won’t just give […]