Making Money Online: Persistence and the Tipping Point

Making Money Online: Persistence and the Tipping Point When it comes to making money online, everybody wants to see their efforts gaining traction. Everybody wants to see some growth as they continue to plug away… But if they don’t, most people give up. Persistence can be inconvenient. Some feel it isn’t worth it, while others […]

Creating a Blog part 4 – Planning Ahead

You may think it’s a bit premature to plan ahead before you even created your blog… But it’s better to have a good idea of where you’re going before you get started. Unless, of course, you enjoy the idea of going nowhere slowly. Some people do – although not many bloggers do. Firstly, decide for […]

How to Pick Affiliate Offers Part 3 – Will the Product Work for You?

Picking a good affiliate offer is one thing – but being able to pick a product or service that will work for YOU is something else altogether. There are a few crucial things to consider: 1. Is it a good fit for your audience? If you want to market this to people visiting your blog, […]

To Blog or Not to Blog – Should You Build One?

For many people, it’s a tough question. Do you start a blog, in this day and age, or not? Well, there are a number of things to consider when making your choice – some of which may be applicable to your niche and your target market: 1. Blogs attract people (if done correctly, of course). […]

The Value of Understanding Basic Human Nature

Any marketing specialist – online or offline – will tell you that marketing is all about human nature. In fact, it’s mostly about our “primitive” nature, as prescribed by what psychologists refer to as “the lizard brain”, and then about the “limbic brain”. The basic premise is this: The “lizard brain” is apparently the oldest […]

There is no Such Thing as Free Traffic

There are many people who advocate using “free” traffic sources instead of paying for visitors to your website or blog – but the reality is that there is no such thing as “free traffic”. Allow me to explain… 1. When internet marketers talk about free traffic methods, they usually talk about things like blogging, SEO, […]

What is Good Traffic – and what is Bad Website Traffic?

There are endless debates among internet marketers about what makes good website traffic, and what constitutes bad traffic. While most arguments are quite valid, however, there is also another side to the proverbial coin – so allow me to offer a fresh perspective on the topic… Firstly, let’s take a look at some of the […]

Don’t try to learn and/or do everything at once

  Many people who get into internet marketing are so excited about their new ventures that they over-indulge – usually with disastrous consequences. What usually happens is one of the following: 1. They try to do everything at once: It’s sooo easy to fall into this trap… Everything looks great, and everything seems like fun, […]

What do You Need in Order to Make Money Online?

I have seen it so many times on forums… People ask: “How do I make money online?” The answer to that is both complex and simple – so let’s keep it simple for now. When you think about it logically, an internet business has much in common with any conventional business (it just lacks a […]