Making Money Online: Persistence and the Tipping Point

Making Money Online: Persistence and the Tipping Point When it comes to making money online, everybody wants to see their efforts gaining traction. Everybody wants to see some growth as they continue to plug away… But if they don’t, most people give up. Persistence can be inconvenient. Some feel it isn’t worth it, while others […]

Online Success: Are you your own worst enemy?

Online Success: Are you your own worst enemy? When it comes to online success, many people fail to make it – despite actually knowing how to make money online. That is why internet marketing coaches have to include income disclaimers – because no matter how well their methods work, there is always the “human factor”… […]

Internet Marketing 101 Part 2 – You Can Appear as an Authority

  Many people starting out online have trouble presenting themselves as authorities. After all, how do you make people believe you are an expert when you aren’t? Ironically, that is one of the easier hurdles to overcome – because it is all relative, and it’s all a matter of perception. Note: This doesn’t mean that […]

Who is Your Target Customer – Really?

Target Customer

  Many people make the mistake of not defining their target customer when they start marketing online (ok, and offline businesses do it, too). if you haven’t defined your ideal customer yet, you may want to remember this phrase (it stems from success training): “If you aim at nothing, you will hit it every time”. […]

The Value of Understanding Basic Human Nature

Any marketing specialist – online or offline – will tell you that marketing is all about human nature. In fact, it’s mostly about our “primitive” nature, as prescribed by what psychologists refer to as “the lizard brain”, and then about the “limbic brain”. The basic premise is this: The “lizard brain” is apparently the oldest […]

The Value of Focus

  Many online marketers are wary of applying focus. After all, it’s best not to have all of your proverbial eggs in one basket, right? As an internet marketer, though, you may want to reconsider… It’s only natural to want to diversify your efforts. From a business point of view, it is logical. However, when […]

Beware of the Black Hat…

  Many internet marketers turn to blackhat methods – for various reasons – and for some it actually works for a while. Unfortunately, wearing a black hat (in internet marketing) comes at a price – and it’s probably higher than you are willing top pay. Allow me to elaborate… Firstly, let’s look at what constitutes […]

Don’t try to learn and/or do everything at once

  Many people who get into internet marketing are so excited about their new ventures that they over-indulge – usually with disastrous consequences. What usually happens is one of the following: 1. They try to do everything at once: It’s sooo easy to fall into this trap… Everything looks great, and everything seems like fun, […]

Should You Have a Blog?

Yes, blogs are hard work. They can be boring, time consuming, and it takes a lot of work before you get them off the ground… But once you do get them going, the rewards are simply awesome. So – why should you blog? Firstly, your blog is a “base of operations”, if we can call […]