As the saying goes…

You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know…

And that’s especially true when it comes to online FTC digital
Unless of course you happen to be an Internet attorney!
Play along with me, take this quick quiz… Take out a pen and paper and
answer a simple YES or NO for each of the following:

-Are you a digital publisher?

– Do you market to, or offer products or services
to consumers in the US? (FYI: People who work from home are considered
consumers in the eyes of the FTC)
– Do you provide coaching services?
– Do you have a membership site?
– Do you make “free” offers on Facebook or other social media platforms?
– Do you use squeeze pages or have some type of optin page somewhere?
– Do you use Click Funnels, Lead Pages, or *any* of these type systems?
– Do you do *any* advertising online?
– Do you own a blog?
– Are you a publisher?
– Do you hire outsourcers?
– Do you have images on your website?
If you answered yes to even ONE of these, you are potentially in real
danger… No BS!
I’d like you to meet my friend Chip Cooper, Internet Attorney. He’s been
practicing Internet Law since the beginning of the Internet, and was even
an adjunct professor at Wake Forest Law School specializing in Internet
Law for many, many years.
He is also the attorney for, and the CEO of FTC
Guardian, an online training company.
Chip has agreed to do a special training for us on December 29, 2017.

The title of the training is…

Top 3 Tragic [Legal] List Building Mistakes That Can Get You In Hot Water With The FTC in 2017.

Resulting In Your Business Being Shut Down In Single Day… And What To Do About It!
==> Click Here to Register For this FREE Webinar
Don’t stay in the dark on this, your business and personal assets could depend on it…
Chip has also agreed to hangout and answer YOUR
questions live after his presentation!

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