Hey there everyone, I hope you have all settled into the new year and are working toward your goals.






I didn’t have a plan to publish a post, but as I was here in my office, working on another video sales letter I was just thinking how I never seem to get used to hearing my own voice and seeing myself on video.

Making a video or audio recording is actually one of my least favorite parts of my job. Seems silly right? After all, video and audio recordings are so important in an online business. I even seem to be making new ones each and every day, so one would think that I wouldn’t even think twice about it when I am recording, but I do.

I enjoy listening to others in their videos, I always think they sound so wonderful and when I listen to myself, I am always trying to figure out what setting I can adjust so I don’t sound so horrible. Hahaha. It makes me laugh, but that is exactly what I do each and every time I make a video sales letter. I go through all the “effects” to see if I can make myself sound somewhat human.. but, everything I try just makes me sound worse, so in the end, I just leave it be.

Can any of you relate to this? I can’t be the only one who does this. It is just something I suppose we will always have to live with. At least I will always have to live with it, unless some new media comes out that makes it so videos are no longer needed…

Anyway, I just thought I would share…

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