Seems like a simple concept. Have a product, service and either sell it or promote it for someone else. In the former you hopefully make a profit, in the latter you will hopefully make a commission. Simple, right? After all, the product and or service that you are offering is wonderful and most everyone could use it and see the value in it.

But, in actuality, it isn’t so simple. Perhaps you have already started an online business and are now learning this first hand. Maybe you are thinking about how it would be nice to work from home and be your own boss and are thinking of starting your own online business. Well, I hope you are not picturing working 37 seconds a day by just watching the money flow into your bank account. Be prepared for actual work. You will probably work full 7-10 hour work days, especially in the beginning. get ready for a lot of writing of copy, creating web pages, emails, etc.

We all hear the statistics, most people fail with their online business. I think they say only 3%-5% of affiliate marketers will be successful. Most people fail. But, we also know that most people fail to take action so we know that we will not be one of the failures, right?


Depends not on me, not so much on the training you have had (if any) or the cool gizmos and other shiny objects you have purchased in preparation for becoming the next mega affiliate. It really depends about 99.99% on you. Will you follow through. Are you a hard worker willing to take action or are you a hard worker who is never really ready to get things going? Maybe people spend months, if not years, and more money than they actually have, studying, trying to learn, getting all the bells and whistles they feel they “need” to get their business off the ground. So many of these are drawn to those irresistible, magic words: “Done for you.”

Lazy never gets you anywhere.

If you are just going to buy all the PLR products and then try to resell them, just save your time and money and your day job. It isn’t going to work. You and everyone else has already seen and purchased those. IF you are not willing to put the effort, work and research into properly preparing those PLR products, then you need to find another avenue to success.

In a nutshell, you have to create valuable content that is original. You can’t just copy and paste your way to success. You have to change that content you just purchased and make it your own. It is going to take your time. Sure, the PLR people just told you that you can turn around and resell that eBook for $50. Nope, you’re going to have to invest some time into it first. Rewrite the book into your own voice. Change the graphics (they probably suck anyway if they are from the PLR package), make the entire package yours – no, not just by adding your name to the byline. Rework it, revamp it, re-release it after you make it an original.

If it is quick, if it involved no effort then I can almost promise you that it will also involve you making no money.


I am not saying don’t use PLR, I have many, many PLR products. I am saying you must use them the CORRECT way, not the EASY way. With work and imagination, you can make a profit from PLR for sure.


By the way, did you know one of my favorite secrets I tell everyone who asks me the best way to get started being an affiliate is to learn about the Big Commission Blueprint and/or the Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret?. They are both portals into a wonderful community that trains you how to make money as well as provides the products for you to do so. They are constantly coming up with new products, new approaches, new ways to help you make money. It is really the easiest way to get started. The educational value alone is worth every penny you decide to invest. And it TRULY is an INVESTMENT. Multiple weekly coaching seminars. Access to many, many online videos teaching you how to find and drive traffic, providing you with sales videos, sales pages, assistance with squeeze pages, the list goes on and on.

But, yep here it is… You still have to work. You need to follow the plan. You need to invest the time and energy and LEARN. But once you do (and it will NOT happen overnight) you can rake in $1,000+ commissions… even over $2,000 and more. Some have become so proficient that they are making HUNDREDS of THOUSANDS of DOLLARS per year just with this one club/membership/avenue.**

I don’t see why everyone doesn’t join. Unless they are just looking for something that someone else will do for them, or just want to buy a product and have it magically and automatically deposit money into their account forever with no input / work / interaction on their part. Which we all know does not exist, but we all also know that many people are looking for just that… Seems silly.

Learn about the Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret by clicking on this link. It is Free – they will charge you $4.95 for shipping and handling, but even that is refundable if you don’t see the value. But, in my opinion, if you can’t see the value then you probably are really not serious about this business anyway.

The other route would be to check out the Big Commission Blueprint at this link. It will cost a bit more ( it provides a lot more information on getting traffic and making commissions) but if you get it through my link I have negotiated a special price for my subscribers of only $19.95. But, of course, this price is only for a limited time so don’t delay.

If you’re really ready to get going you can also get them both and I would recommend you get started as soon as possible so you can quickly be on your way to making money online. But, please, do not order them if you are not willing to learn and work. Ask questions when you’re inside. Watch the videos. Learn. Learn. Listen. Watch. Ask more questions then work hard, be driven and you can succeed. If you don’t want to do that, then don’t click on the links. We are a supportive community of positive driven entrepreneurs and you just wouldn’t fit in unless you’re of the same mindset.

I hope to see you on the inside. Please feel free to ask me any questions.


Here are the two links again:

Big Commission Blueprint

Dirty Affiliate Marketing Secret





**Of course if you put forth no effort then for sure you will make nothing. No one can guarantee you will make any money doing anything. You are in control of your own success and or failure.

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