If-So Dynamic Content Review

Display Different Content To Different People

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If-So is a very simple WordPress plugin, which allows you to add or replace content on your website that chenges depending visitors’ profile, interactions with the site or even the visitors geographical location.

Because of this personalization, your visitors will engage, convert and buy more!

If-So Dynamic Content (i.e. different content) is a pretty cool and useful tool that will display dynamic content on your website to different visitors based upon conditions that you set.

Those “conditions” can be things such as the visitor’s location, search terms they used, pages they have already visited, how many times they have visited, and even if they are logged in or not.

No. No coding needed! You just use the If-So WordPress Plugin and it handles all the techie stuff for you!

With the dynamic content created by the If-So Plugin, your website visitors will each get personalized, very relevant experiences which will improve your conversion rates!

You can also create dynamic calls to action based on things such as time of day including your business hours with If-So.

For example, you can make a call to action that says “Click Here To Call Us” when it is your normal business hours. When it is outside your business hours you can use a form to capture contact information

Pretty Cool!

If-So also takes in to account which of your website pages you visitors have previously visited, so you can present content that is in sync with your buyer’s journey on your website.

If-So also has a “Google Ads” condition so you can tailor your landing pages’s content to the search term your visitor used to find your page.



Providing relevant content to your site visitors doesn’t have to be a guessing game

Now you’ve got a secret tool you can use to get data-driven answers based on visitors’ personal characteristics and interactions with your site.

Increase relevancy and boost conversions by delivering dynamic content to your site visitors with If-So.

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