Free access to 10 paid resources…

Ok, so what’s the big deal? People give stuff away all the time, right?

Yes and no. Before I give you the list, there are two things to keep in mind:

1. These aren’t your typical “run of the mill” freebies. These are hand picked resources which I personally feel contain enough value to warrant paying for them.

2. As we surf the web and come across different free resources, we often make one critical mistake: We see each one as something on its own. But in this case, with 10 different resources listed together, you can pick a selection which, when combined, can help to further your career as an internet marketer.

Think of it like a recipe – on their own, the ingredients may even be inedible, but once combined, something desirable emerges.

And depending on where you are at in your online marketing career, you may even want to consider upgrading your membership for those areas you really want to improve.

So – here are the 10 paid resources you can access for free:

1. Membership Marketers Club

Learn how to take that which you are passionate about, and turn it into a profitable business. Learn how to create and run your own membership site – which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Depending on what you want to offer, you can have different membership levels, once off or recurring payments, and everyone on your membership list are your email subscribers. To top it all off, owning a membership site instantly adds to your perceived credibility and authority.

2. Traffic Generation Club

Getting traffic can be a pain in the neck. As the web becomes more and more crowded, older methods of traffic generation becomes obsolete, and new methods evolve. Stay up to date with traffic strategies that work, and take the pain out of generating traffic, leads and sales.

3. Affiliate Profits Club

Even though many people portray affiliate marketing as being relatively simple, most people doing it fail miserably. Learn how to get your affiliate marketing up to speed without taking years to acquire the necessary skills.

4. Web Profits Club

There are many way to make money online. Each of these have a number of different components, and they are usually not interchangeable. Learn how to connect the dots for specific ways to make money online – and explore the different options.

5. eMarketers Club

eMarketers Club is all about email marketing – and believe me, it’s a science all on its own. Yes, you can get customers to buy even if you have a so-so optin and follow-up email series in place – but the trick is to get it to work better. Learn the things you can do to get more people to sign up, to get more of those people to open your emails, and get more of those people to click on the links in your emails.

Even the slightest improvement can make a substantial difference to your actual income.

6. Product Profits Club

When you are an affiliate marketer (even though it has its benefits), you have a glass ceiling: You can only sell as much as you can promote yourself. On the other hand, if you choose to create your own products, you now only get to keep all of the money form your own promotions, but you also open up the door to appoint affiliates – and make money from their efforts.

Most professional internet marketers combine the two – being an affiliate, and having affiliates. Products profits Club helps you to move into the next level (from affiliate marketing into becoming a product vendor).

7. Power Copy Club

Once you have created your own product, you will need to create a decent sales letter for it. And even if you don’t, learning more about copywriting can help you to write better pre-sell pages and emails for your affiliate promotions.

It has been said over and over again: Copywriting is the highest paying job on the internet – whether you do it for yourself or for clients.

8. Power Marketers Club

Take your internet marketing to the next level. Forget about being limited by glass ceilings and being constrained by your own efforts. On the other side of the paradigm shift, there is a whole new world with a totally different income potential.

9. Wealth Upgrade Club

Ok, so started making good money on the internet. DO you just blow it all having a ball, or do you make your money work for you? Wealth Upgrade Club teaches you how to make your money work for you, allowing you to retire rich.

10. Success Upgrade Club

Let’s face it: our future depends on what goes on inside your head. Your mindset determines what you will or won’t do – and whether you have any chance of success or not. Success Upgrade Club helps you to create and maintain the right mindset for success.

In conclusion:

As you can see…

On their own, each of these resources has value. But if you choose to combine the ones that make the most sense to YOU, you could just give yourself a solid kick in the right direction.

It’s all about the “ingredients”.  Sign up for your FREE access today!

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