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There is a lot of hype saying how email marketing is dead. Nonsense! It is not even close to being dead. It is still the most efficient means to get your marketing message out there and it will be for quite some time yet. The challenges change, but as long as you keep up with the times, email marketing is still the way to go.

So, in an effort to help people keep up with the times and face the new challenges of email marketing Ankur Shukla has put out a helpful toolkit of 10 built-in widgets that can help you get more opens, more clicks, and ultimately more sales… and we all like to hear that, right?


Introducing Email Toolkit!




Email Toolkit App #1- Email Subject Line / Headline Generator

Click this app once and it can generate more than 300 subject lines or headlines for your emails that will get the attention of your readers.

Email Toolkit App #2- 1-Click Email Formatter App

Another 1-Click App formats your emails correctly for email. Makes it easier to read and MORE LIKELY to be read by your list

Email Toolkit App #3- Spammy Subject Checker App

The name says it all: If your email subject is spammy, your email will end up in the spam folder never to be seen.

Email Toolkit App #4- Email Address Extractor Software

This is a handy dandy little tool that will isolate and extract emails from any text you paste into it. No more manual sifting through line after line and copying and pasting. Let freedom ring!

Email Toolkit App #5- Spam Words Checker Software

Do you use spammy words in your emails? Don’t know? Well, now you will. This will comb through your email with the expertise of a spam word checker software program and highlight those horrible words that will send your email into the spam abyss.

Email Toolkit App #6- Email Countdown Software

No one taking your deadlines seriously? Is everyone putting off action until later? Take care of that by adding a visual representation of your deadline right inside your email. How cool is that? Scare the daylights out of your readers. Give them anxiety that they will miss out on a super deal if they don’t act now!

Email Toolkit App #7- Email Magic – Personalization Software

Ever wished you could cate your reader’s eye a little better? Well, your dream can be a reality with this little app. Now you can add personalized images inside your email by putting their name in the image. They will be so excited to see their name they will have to take action. Right?

Email Toolkit App #8- 1-Click Email List Cleaner Software

Let’s face it, many autoresponders are ripping you off by charging by the contact. Even if yours doesn’t have this dastardly and unfair practice, you can get dinged by having too many bad emails in your list. So why not give your list a scrub every once in a while with a 1 click email list cleaner? Don’t forget to get behind the ears… ?

Email Toolkit App #9- Gmail & iPhone + iPad Preview Software

Are your emails looking their best on Gmail or iPads? Who knows? Well, now you will know just by using this app. No more guessing for you! You lucky dog.

Email Toolkit App #10- Email Emoji Software – Get More Opens!

EMOJIs are cool, right? Who doesn’t love a little levity in their emails? They are eye-catching and remember, a picture is worth a thousand words, right? Now you can add these little slices of heaven to your email subjects. Get ready for a rush of opens.

Who Should Buy This?

Well, if you send out marketing emails and feel you have a use for these tools, then I would say this is the deal for you. It never hurts to try new things to get your emails open. You can’t sell anything if no one reads them, right?

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