Copywriting has often been classified as “the highest paying job on the internet.”

The statement rings true in more ways than one, and once you understand the skill’s value, you will see why. The world’s top copywriters make more than a million dollars per year…

But let’s consider why:

Copywriting is the art and/or science (depending on your opinion) of persuasive writing. In modern times, this has become the most powerful sales tool available.

Copywriters create content that drives sales and/or generate leads. The better the quality of the copywriting, the better the conversion rate will be. The better the conversion rate, the more money the vendor makes.

When you take into account that, even on the internet, multi-million dollar launches is relatively commonplace, it’s easy to see the true worth of a good copywriter.

For instance:

You have developed a great product and teamed up with a few big names in the industry to help you launch your product. Let’s say you can reach half a million potential customers.

If your product sales page converts at 1% (one in every one hundred people buy it), you stand to make 1,000 sales. If your product costs say, $100, that means you generate $100,000 in revenue before commissions.

Now if you have a better copywriter, you can double the conversion rate – and sell to two out of every 100 people. The potential income – from the same 500,000 people, has just doubled to $200,000.


The question that comes to mind is this:

How much would you be willing to pay someone who brings in $200K as opposed to $100K from the same audience?

It’s not uncommon for the top copywriters to get paid tens of thousands of dollars for a sales letter, and then be paid a percentage of sales revenue on top of that as well.

But let’s look at the other side of the coin:

When you start your online business, chances are that you simply cannot afford a decent copywriter (never mind a great one). However, copywriting effects the efficiency of everything you write:

Blog posts – because after the blog post, you want people to opt into your list, or to buy something.

Follow-up emails – because if you don’t connect with the person reading the email, you won’t be getting the click, and you won’t even have a chance to make a sale.

Optin page and landing page copy.

Sales copy.


Social media posts and profiles.

Content upgrades and freebies (which is basically pre-sell material) that you want to give away to your potential subscribers.

So – let’s say your copywriting really sucks. Only one out of 200 people landing on your blog choose to join your mailing list.

Now let’s say you get roughly 100 visitors per day. That means you are getting roughly 15 new subscribers per month, or 180 per year.

Now if you can hone your copywriting skills to the point where you can convert one out of every 50 people to subscribers, you can quadruple that figure.

If you can get as far as having one out of every 20 people to sign up, your annual list growth jumps from 180 to 1800 – without one single extra visitor to your site.

But in reality, it doesn’t work that way. In reality, your improved writing skills will also attract more visitors – because you will be crafting better headlines for your blog posts and social media posts, and better subject lines for your emails.

So – by the time you improved your opt-in rate to 5% (up from 0.5%), you will probably be attracting more than double your previous amount of traffic as well – which translates into 3,600 new subscribers per year.

Fair enough, these figures are just to illustrate the point – but it stands to reason that if you can persuade a larger number of the people you reach, that more of them will visit your website or blog, and more of those visitors will convert into paying customers.

In conclusion:

At the end of the day, copywriting is about “getting through to your audience.” It’s about saying what they want to hear, and connecting that to what you want them to buy – without making more “noise.”

As one wise person put it:

“Don’t raise your voice. Improve your argument.”

The study of copywriting is a journey. There is no “final destination” because you will always be improving. The more you do it, the more you will learn and improve. The more you improve, the more money you will make.

But you have to master the basic principles to “program your mind” for writing good copy.

The sooner you start, the sooner you can start to improve your persuasive writing (or video/podcast scripts), and the sooner you can start making more money.


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  1. Good article. Yes indeed, a good copywriter is worth their weight on Gold (something most of us have little of). To start your journey into writing your own copy, a free programme is available called Grammarly. It picks up spelling and grammar mistakes and it makes you feel like a real pro. Everyone has to start somewhere, so this seems like a good place. Hope this comment is of help to you.
    Thank you.

    1. Hi Joan,

      Thank you so much for your kind words. Yes, Grammarly is a wonderful program and should be used by most everyone.

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