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Copywriting has been described as being “the highest paying job” on the internet. And before you discount that statement, allow me to explain…

What is copywriting?

Copywriting is simply the art of persuasive writing…

And it’s everywhere.

Yes, sales pages are crafted by copywriting. So are advertisements. So are sales video scripts. So are your marketing emails. So are telesales scripts. So are infomercial scripts. So are TV and radio ads. So are pamphlets and brochures.

Think of it: Every single piece of content that was created to sell, generate leads, or promote a brand of any kind, was crafted by means of copywriting.

Smart bloggers even apply copywriting principles in writing their content.


Consider how many products, services, brands, NGO’s, etc. are out there, all of which need to “be sold”. Everything from lipstick to luxury cars, and from toothpaste to houses, have to be “sold”. As soon as there is competition/opposition, or as soon as the item in question is non-essential, it will require some form of copywriting in order to sell it.

That is a staggering amount of copywriting – going on under our noses every single day.

On the internet, it’s even more important. After all, businesses create websites in order to deal with clients or customers 24/7 – so (in most cases) there are no salespeople available to answer questions late at night.

As such, the copywriting on any given website will determine (to a large extent) how many people will buy or inquire. And considering the amount of competition in most markets and niches, it’s not a “nice to have” – it’s a “must-have”.

So – the demand is huge. Everybody wants a good copywriter. Those who can afford it want great copywriters.

And that brings us to…

The high rates paid for writing good copy:

Consider what’s at stake…

1. When a big hitter on the internet aims to do a million dollar launch.

2. When a car manufacturer launches a new model.

3. When a new line of say, beauty products is launched.

When millions of dollars are at stake, the quality of the copywriting can make a staggering difference in the bottom line.

For instance – let’s say someone recently did an internet launch that brought in one million dollars. If through better copywriting, he or she could increase the conversion rate from 1% to 2%, that would mean TWO million dollars.

How much do you think the product owner would be willing to pay for someone who can do that?

In fact, many big copywriting jobs are paid on a “once off plus commission” basis. And the top copywriters are killing it.

But why does this matter to YOU?

Besides the fact that you may want to sell your copywriting skills someday, consider this:

Everything you write online has the potential to attract leads, clients or customers. Everything from your content to your opt-in page copy to your emails and pre-sell pages, and even that which you put out on social media, can contribute to generating revenue for whatever you do.


Let’s do some hypothetical math:

Let’s say out of every 100 people landing on your blog, 5 opt into your list. Out of every 50 on your list, one buys the one time offer you present after opting in. And after that, one out of every one hundred buys something from you once per month.

Let say you make an average of $20 per sale…

So, out of say, 10,000 people visiting your blog, you will have 500 opt-ins. That means ten front end sales and another 5 back end sales per month. That’s $200 once off, and $100 per month – from 10,000 visitors.

Now, if your copywriting improves, and you can improve all of that by just 20%…

Now you have 600 people opting in.

You have 15 front end sales.

And you have 7 sales per month coming in.

That’s a jump – from $300 in your first month – to $440 in your first month alone. If your average subscriber sticks around for say, 3 months, that would mean a jump from $500 in total, to $720.

Now – if you generate 10,000 visitors every month, that would mean your current income potential jumps from $1,500 per month to $2160 per month.

And that is from an improvement of only TWENTY PERCENT.

But it doesn’t end there…

If your content becomes better because of better copywriting, more people will share it with their friends on social media. Some of those will visit, and some of those will share it again.

And those will bring even more opt-ins and sales.

The bottom line is this:

Small improvements in the quality of your copy can lead to incredible changes in results.

And THAT is why copywriting is the best paying skill on the internet – regardless of the level of your skill.


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