How to Succeed in Online Business – 5 Rules for Success

  How do you succeed in online business? Yes, every second guru may have a different opinion – but when you strip away all of the fancy words and sales talk, much of it comes down to the same basic principles. Here are 5 rules that will help you make a success of your internet […]

The Value of Creating a “Social Sharing” Group

While there are many ways to gain additional shares or likes for different social networks, nothing compares to creating your own social sharing group. If you do it right, it can send you more and more traffic over time. The concept: Over time, you grow a group of 10 to 20 people who will engage […]

Is your blog really optimized for mobile?

When it comes to optimizing a blog for mobile traffic, most people simply think of text areas that wrap while maintaining the text size. Unfortunately, it goes a little deeper than that… Firstly, think about how many of your visitors actually come to your blog via mobile devices. Twitter and Tumblr were predominantly mobile-use platforms […]

Starting a Blog is like Planting a Tree

In many respects, having a blog is much like planting a fruit tree. While they are completely different in nature, the things you do in both cases are remarkably similar. And in both cases, neglecting any stage could destroy the whole project. For instance… Research: Before you plant a tree, you will look at what […]

How to overcome market saturation

Let’s face it… The internet is becoming more and more crowded. More and more people and businesses are competing for the ten top spots in Google, and competing for attention on social networks. It seems there just isn’t enough space for everyone to exist. Not to mention the fact that social spaces are becoming more […]

Is clutter killing your blog?

  While there are some people who advocate having a cluttered blog, the reality is that it can kill your blog – in more than one way. The clutter can be visible, or it can be behind the scenes… Here’s a look at both, and what each can do to your blog: 1. Visible blog […]

The Psychology of Success

Ok, it might sound a little “over the top” – but once you understand the basic psychology of success, you will be more likely to achieve it. Here are the basic elements of the psychology of successful people: 1. The right mindset The right mindset for achievement is this: “What one (wo-)man can do, another […]

The 11 Worst Online Business Mistakes to Avoid

  Online business mistakes are a given. We all make them, and we learn from them as we grow. Some of them will slow you down, some of them will cost you money, and some of them could destroy your internet venture altogether. Here are a few which you really want to avoid at all […]

Do You Have a Plan B?

In many things in life – and business – we are taught to “have a backup plan”. Even marriage comes with a prenuptial agreement in case it fails, right? But while it might make sense to have a backup plan in place, it could very well be the one thing that keeps you from achieving […]

4 Ways to Apply Leverage in Internet Marketing

Let’s face it… The internet is a busy place. And with more and more people entering the internet marketing arena, more and more people are trying to compete for the attention of the same audience. That means it is becoming harder and harder to establish yourself online and earn an income. Fortunately, all is not […]