I remember back in the 1980s when I got my first modem for my home computer. Yep, we had PC’s back in the 80s. I recall the excitement I felt anticipating the whole new world this one little card would bring to my computing experience. Not only did it allow my computer to answer and dial the phone (landline, not cellular) it would enable my computer to talk to other computers over the phone line at the amazing speed of 300 baud! (later they would start selling modems using bps as a measure of speed rather than baud)

Back in those days, there was no internet as it exists today. No world wide web. But there were many BBS’s (Bulletin Board Systems) and other computers that one could connect to if one found the phone number on some directory or through word of mouth (Although I did have a “War Games” type auto dialer, I never used it as who really had the time to have their one phone line in use for hours as the phone dialed a series of numbers?)

Anyway, as time when on I became a well known regular on many of these BBS’s and other systems all over the country. Yes, I had a fairly large long distance bill because of this… Each system had its regular users that would dial in pretty much every night (one at a time, it was not common at all for these systems to have multiple lines where more than one person or computer could dial in at one time – though they really started to show up in numbers in the 2nd half of the decade)

It was a fun and interesting hobby. One could participate in discussions about various topics, meet new people, even organize “real world” meetings at a local restaurant / pizza place to have these discussions in person and put a face to the name.

One thing I noticed is that ever so often, a new person would join the BBS. The most common scenario was that they had either just purchased a new PC, or modem and were looking for places to hang out online – just like me earlier – just like all of us online. As time went on, the frequency that people joined increased. From just a trickle of maybe one person every few weeks to many per day as we got into the 1990s. And on Christmas day.. and evening… oh, that was always the worst time because it was the busiest time for new people to join, usually some young teen who had seen the movie “War Games” 1000 times and felt he was a “hacker”.

But, anyway, people were always joining, always wanting to learn, always wanting to do something online with their computer. As more people got home computers, more and more joined online communities. There was no stopping it, and no one wanted to anyway (well, ok, maybe a few old timers wanted it to stop as they were seeing their last frontier rapidly disappear…

Why am I saying all this.. well, while it is a nice romp for me down memory lane, I was just reminded of this as I watch/notice all the new people coming online to become affiliate / internet marketers. It just reminds me so much of all the people going online way back when and joining BBS’s. People who want to become successful IM’s are now purchasing new products to help them achieve their dreams, joining mentoring programs, memberships, tutoring, clubs, etc trying to realize their dream.

Just like the people back in the 80s were joining so they could become “hackers” or at least feel as if they were / tell their friend they were, often they were searching for software they could download, ask questions about programming, etc., the people today are downloading eBooks, etc trying to learn how to make money online through affiliate and internet marketing. – But, back in the 80s you could get most of the software and information you were seeking for free now the internet is much more monetized.

People continue to come online today, every day, wanting to be successful online. And much like back in the 80s, most today just continuously gather information, seek that mirage that is always off in the distance and never really make a real effort or commitment to making money. Back in the 80s, they would download some software and perhaps tell their friends they wrote it. They would start to learn a programming language, but stop after a week or so saying that they don’t have time right now and will start just as soon as they completed other tasks that were standing in the way (like 4 hours a night of tv, etc)

Today people do the same. They purchase products, they purchase coaching, they criticize emails that are offering assistance in finding their dream of making money online. What they don’t do is actually follow the steps needed, make a serious commitment, establish a real plan and follow it and start making money. Often they blame their lack of success on others, calling all the products garbage and the industry as fake.

Well, not really. What is garbage and fake is their commitment. What they are really hoping for is that $1,000 coaching program they signed up for is really a “done for you” program where the coach will start their business for them, create the product for them, market it, etc and then give the money to them. That is, of course, if they even bothered to participate in the coaching past a week or two.

This is an industry that you can make money. Good money. But, awwww… you still gotta work to make it happen. I know, the dream is to quit our jobs and start a business online and then never work again, right?

Not gonna happen

Of course, I don’t mean to imply that everyone is like this.  There are so many hard-working people starting their business in affiliate marketing every day. I bet that most of them become quite successful at it as well. I speak with many of them quite often. They are open, honest, generous and great people. I learn a lot from them and I hope they get useful information from me as well.

In an earlier post, I mentioned one of the easiest ways to make money online. They give so much training and do a great deal of the work for you, but guess what? You still gotta work if you are going to get paid. But, for anyone serious and capable of following directions, it is almost a sure thing. Yes, there are no sure things, but that is mostly because of people who never try or refuse or are unable to learn and implement.

I often recommend this program to people on my list, to people who ask me in person how to get started online. Most don’t believe me, most never join… and most never make a cent.

The serious ones give it a shot – there’s always the money back guarantee.

If you’re serious and want to try the program, I have a deal where it only costs $20 to try it out and that $20 will get you quite a bit of training. Give it a shot. If you don’t think the training is good and the program is for you, get your money back – no sweat. But, keep an open mind and if you are willing to do the work, then go all in and see just how much you can make. Many have multiple days earning over $1,000. Some make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year. Unless you are a “rock star”, you will not make that much. But, you can make very large commissions and they are always improving the membership. And just the support you get from the other members is worth the price of admission if you ask me.

So, here’s the link, give it a try and I will see you when you make it inside… (remember, this link is part of a special deal I have set up for those on my list and I cannot guarantee the special $20 price forever – it may go back up to its normal $50 today, or tomorrow, so get the deal now)

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