Let’s face it: Affiliate marketing can be a drag. It can be tedious, time-consuming, and at times difficult. But what if there was an affiliate marketing shortcut you could use?

I can already hear the objections…

“Shortcuts aren’t good.”

“Shortcuts are for black-hatters.”

“If you use shortcuts you aren’t doing it right.”


Well, maybe calling it an affiliate shortcut isn’t the best name for it – but before you hit the “back” button, allow me to explain:

Affiliate marketing has its challenges. At times it can be downright difficult if you are still learning. That may be because there’s so much to learn. You have to learn about defining your target market, and then learn how to reach that target market. Then you have to create a system to make everything happen (blog or website, social media audiences, SEO, content, promotional content, copywriting…).

In the business world, people outsource tasks every day – but this isn’t about outsourcing. However, it is about the REASON for outsourcing: Leverage.

When businesspeople outsource certain tasks or activities, they leverage someone else’s time and effort to their own advantage.

Think about it:

How much time have you spent doing product research for online marketing? How many times have you done your due diligence on product after product, only to find that almost none of them live up to your expectations? Consider this: If you have to spend that amount of time for every single product you want to promote, how much time and effort will it take before you can fill your autoresponder with enough promotions to last a year (assuming you concentrate on one product per week)?

But that’s not all…

If you have to write the follow-up emails for all of them, can you think how long it will take you? Let’s say every week you send out an intro email, five content emails, and one final follow-up email (for that specific product or service). That’s 365 emails…

And that’s not just any old email you have to write, but it’s copywriting. Copywriting is the best paying job on the internet – and there’s a good reason for that. The quality of your copy (persuasive writing) determines how many people will buy. Writing good copy takes a lot of time.

Yes, you can do it all by yourself, and you can do it all by trial and error – but as I have stated in the past, every error costs you money that you could have made. Learning by trial and error will simply delay the day when you start making money, and it will delay the day you can tell your boss he or he is fired.

The bottom line is this:

It makes good business sense to be profitable as quickly as possible and to lose as little as possible.

So – let’s get to that brilliant affiliate marketing shortcut:


It’s the brainchild of Michael Cheney – someone who is highly regarded in internet marketing circles, and a great copywriter. In order to create a real “shortcut”, he has gone and done the following:

1. Created a database of proven “sellers” – meaning you won’t have to wonder which products to promote next. Just pick the ones that align with what your target audience wants and/or needs to solve their problems.

2. He created a multitude of promotional materials for each of these products.

3. He created a simple, solid system for generating traffic for free – which is exactly what every new and intermediate online marketer would like to have (something that is both easy AND works).

Of course, there’s a lot more to it than that – but those are the three key benefits that got me thinking about the value of what he is offering. In addition to that, he is also adding new stuff every month – meaning that the available database of products and promotional materials keep growing month after month.

Lastly, there is one BIG advantage you can access by using Commissionology:

When a product creator provides marketing materials along with his or her product, every guy and his dog will be using it (not to mention it might not be all that good…). However, if you are a member of Commissionology, you will be one of a relatively small group of people using those promotional materials.

That, combined with the quality of the copywriting, will make your promotions stand out from the crowd.

In conclusion:

Affiliate marketing has a lot to it. Yes, it is easier than firing up your own product sales system – but there is still quite a bit to learn. And even if you are able to learn how to do all of this in record time, it would still make sense (from a business point of view) to have access to better promotional materials and better copywriting, while saving yourself the time you would have spent creating it.

It just makes sense to use it – from all angles:

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