You know, I want to apologize now and for anytime in the future when I just don’t make too many posts to this blog. I always avoided blogs in the past. I understood the reason many people online use them, but never wanted to start one of my own. I just continued to move on without one, ignoring all the people, mentors, friends, peers telling me I should start one.

It’s just not me, I would tell them. I’m not particularly good at putting my thoughts down into words and sharing them with the world that way. It’s not that I am so private, it is just I don’t want to be imposing. I know, lame excuse. So, anyway, why do I not have so many posts, etc on my blog… now you know. Why will there be times when days, weeks, maybe even months go by without a post… now you know why.

I think if I can get many people following, reading, posting, commenting, sharing, contributing, encouraging each other I would also have more to say.

Well, lets see if we can get it there.

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